Entrepreneur Resources

Tips on pitching to Venture Capitalists

Before presenting, please take a moment to review a few resources for understanding what goes into a great startup pitch:

Sequoia Capital Ideas and Formats

Guy Kawasaki’s References-Building a Company

Inc. Magazine Elements of a Winning Pitch

Steve Blank’s Customer Development blog (see VC section)

Lean Startup Concepts

  • Steve Blank’s (A Haas visiting lecturer) Four Steps to the Epiphany details Blank’s customer development concept. Excellent book for any entrepreneur that wants to find market/product fit at minimal costs; Blank’s blog amplifies the ideas in his book
  • Eric Ries further examines lean startup principles in his blog. He discusses issues such as minimum viable produdct (MVP), when and how to release your first product, the use of Toyota-style “five whys,” and continuous deployment
  • Marc Andreessen article on product-market fit.
  • Getting to Plan B by John Mullins and Randy Komisar explains how entrepreneurs should pivot.

Building and analyzing Business Models

Product Management

Recruiting/Organizational Issues

Off course, there are many more resources that could prove helpful, Most of the resources here have been adopted from Tom Eisemen’s blog post – Launching Ventures part iv . please contact for us if you are interested in learning more.